Frequently Asked Questions

Once you've placed an order for flowers or a gift basket in Warsaw, you will receive a confirmation email from us. This email serves as acknowledgment that we've received your order and includes a copy of the details you provided. If you happen to notice any errors or mistakes in your order, please inform us promptly to rectify the issue.

Providing us with your complete contact information, including a valid phone number, is essential. We may need to reach out to you for various reasons, such as verifying the recipient's address, making modifications to your order, or confirming payment details. Rest assured that we will only contact you by phone in connection with the specific order you've recently placed.

After your order has been successfully delivered, we will send you a confirmation email to notify you of the completion of the delivery. You can expect to receive this email within 24 hours after the delivery has taken place. To ensure that you receive our emails without any issues, please double-check that you've provided us with an accurate email address and add to your address book to prevent our emails from landing in your spam folder.

If you need to make changes to or cancel your order for flowers or a gift basket in Warsaw, you can do so by logging into your account or by visiting our customer service page. Please note that all changes must be requested at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time. After this window, we cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient time to process your requested changes.

We accept all major credit and debit cards (with the exception of American Express) as well as PayPal. Please be aware that, for certain cards, you may need to request online transaction capabilities from your bank. Should you encounter any difficulties when attempting to place an order, please reach out to our customer service team for assistance in ensuring the successful acceptance of your order.

We charge your credit card immediately upon placing the order. Our secure payment platform allows us to process your payment promptly and with the utmost security.

At Flowers for Warsaw, we prioritize your online security. We use PayPal for online payments, and as one of the world's largest payment processors, they maintain top-notch security standards to safeguard your financial information.

We understand the importance of your privacy and keep your contact information entirely confidential. Your personal information will not be shared with third parties for marketing purposes or sold to advertising agencies. In the event of legal requirements, fraud investigations, or law enforcement requests, your personal information may be disclosed to relevant authorities upon request.

Whether same-day deliveries are possible depends on the specific location and country, taking into account world time differences. Our order system will guide you on the feasibility of your selected delivery date and time when you make your order.

We employ mail services such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, and USPS for most of our deliveries. In locations where courier services are less reliable, such as Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS, and certain South-East Asian countries, we often opt for delivery through local accredited couriers.

Yes, you can specify whether you'd like an AM or PM delivery. For AM deliveries, please place your order at least one day in advance. Please note that while we strive to meet your preferences, we cannot guarantee exact-hour deliveries. When you make your order, you will receive information regarding the AM and PM delivery timeframes. In the case of same-day orders, AM deliveries may not always be feasible due to high demand, in which case the delivery will be scheduled for the PM.

The possibility of sending flowers on Sundays and public holidays varies by location. When you place your order, we will provide you with the available opening times. If the flower shop is closed on the selected date, you will receive a message advising you to choose an alternative time or day for delivery.

We will send you a confirmation e-mail to confirm that we have accepted your order which shows a copy of the order you have made. If you have made a mistake on the order, you need to tell us immediately.

It is essential to provide us with your full contacts details, including a valid phone number. Customer service may need to speak to you to confirm the recipients' address, to modify the order or to confirm payment details. We will only contact you by phone in relation to the order you have recently placed.

We will send you a confirmation e-mail to confirm that the order has been delivered. You will receive this e-mail up to 24 hours after delivery. Please ensure that you have provided an accurate e-mail and that you have added to your address book so that our e-mails do not arrive in the junk mail.

Login to my account to modify your order or visit our customer service page. All changes must be 24 hours before delivery. After that time, we cannot guarantee there will be enough time for the changes you request.

We accept all major credit and debit cards (not American Express) as well as PayPal. With some cards you need to request online transactions with your bank. If you experience any problems when you try to place an order please contact our customer service team who will help you to make sure that the order is accepted.

We charge your credit card when you place the order. We use a very secure payment platform that enables us to charge your card immediately.

At Warsaw we only use the very best in security for our online payments. We use PayPal for our online payments and as one of the largest payment processors in the world their security is top notch. keeps customer information completely confidential. Our company does not share customers' personal information for third-party use or sell it to advertising agencies. In the event of a legal requirement, fraud, or law-enforcement request, your personal information may be shared upon request from the relevant authorities.

Same Day deliveries will depend on which location/country if this is possible, due to world time differences. When entering the day and time the order system will advise if what you have selected is possible.

We deliver using mail services such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, USPS. In some locations where courier services are not as fast or reliable such as Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS and countries of South-East Asia we often deliver using a local accredited courier.

Yes you can. For AM deliveries please make sure you order at least the day before. Please note we cannot guarantee exact hour deliveries. When making the order you will be advised of the period of AM and PM delivery. Please note that same day orders, it is not always possible to deliver AM due to busy schedules, so the delivery may take place PM.

This will depend on the location. When you make your order, the opening times will be advised. If the shop is closed a message will advise to choose another time or day.

The delivery costs are: Bemowo Bemowo City 9.95 EUR, Bełchatów Bełchatów City 9.95 EUR, Bialystok Bialystok City 9.95 EUR, Biała Podlaska Biała Podlaska City 9.95 EUR, Białołeka Białołeka City 9.95 EUR, Bielany Bielany City 9.95 EUR, Bielsko-Biala Bielsko-Biala City 9.95 EUR, Bolesławiec Bolesławiec City 9.95 EUR, Brzeg Brzeg City 9.95 EUR, Busko Zdroj 9.95 EUR, Bydgoszcz Bydgoszcz City 9.95 EUR, Bytom Bytom City 9.95 EUR, Będzin Będzin City 9.95 EUR, Chełm Chełm City 9.95 EUR, Chojnice Chojnice City 9.95 EUR, Chorzów Chorzów City 9.95 EUR, Chrzanów Chrzanów City 9.95 EUR, Ciechanów Ciechanów City 9.95 EUR, Cieszyn Cieszyn City 9.95 EUR, Czechowice-Dziedzice Czechowice-Dziedzice City 9.95 EUR, Czeladź Czeladź City 9.95 EUR, Czestochowa Czestochowa City 9.95 EUR, Dzierżoniów Dzierżoniów City 9.95 EUR, Dąbrowa Górnicza Dąbrowa Górnicza City 9.95 EUR, Dębica Dębica City 9.95 EUR, Elblag Elblag City 9.95 EUR, Ełk Ełk City 9.95 EUR, Fordon Fordon City 9.95 EUR, Gdansk Gdansk City 9.95 EUR, Gdynia Gdynia City 9.95 EUR, Gliwice Gliwice City 9.95 EUR, Gniezno Gniezno City 9.95 EUR, Gorzów Wielkopolski Gorzów Wielkopolski City 9.95 EUR, Grudziądz Grudziądz City 9.95 EUR, Głogów Głogów City 9.95 EUR, Inowraclaw 9.95 EUR, Iława Iława City 9.95 EUR, Jarosław Jarosław City 9.95 EUR, Jastrzębie Zdrój Jastrzębie Zdrój City 9.95 EUR, Jasło Jasło City 9.95 EUR, Jaworzno Jaworzno City 9.95 EUR, Jelenia Góra Jelenia Góra City 9.95 EUR, Kalisz Kalisz City 9.95 EUR, Katowice Katowice City 9.95 EUR, Kielce Kielce City 9.95 EUR, Knurów Knurów City 9.95 EUR, Kolobrzeg Kolobrzeg City 9.95 EUR, Konin Konin City 9.95 EUR, Koszalin Koszalin City 9.95 EUR, Krakow Krakow City 9.95 EUR, Kraśnik Kraśnik City 9.95 EUR, Krosno Krosno City 9.95 EUR, Kutno Kutno City 9.95 EUR, Kwidzyn Kwidzyn City 9.95 EUR, Kędzierzyn-Koźle Kędzierzyn-Koźle City 9.95 EUR, Legionowo Legionowo City 9.95 EUR, Legnica Legnica City 9.95 EUR, Leszno Leszno City 9.95 EUR, Lodz Lodz City 9.95 EUR, Lubin Lubin City 9.95 EUR, Lubin Lubin City 9.95 EUR, Lębork Lębork City 9.95 EUR, Malbork Malbork City 9.95 EUR, Mielec Mielec City 9.95 EUR, Mikołów Mikołów City 9.95 EUR, Mińsk Mazowiecki Mińsk Mazowiecki City 9.95 EUR, Mokotów Mokotów City 9.95 EUR, Myszków Myszków City 9.95 EUR, Mysłowice Mysłowice City 9.95 EUR, Nowa Sól Nowa Sól City 9.95 EUR, Nowy Sącz Nowy Sącz City 9.95 EUR, Nowy Targ Nowy Targ City 9.95 EUR, Nysa Nysa City 9.95 EUR, Ochota Ochota City 9.95 EUR, Oleśnica Oleśnica City 9.95 EUR, Olkusz Olkusz City 9.95 EUR, Olsztyn Olsztyn City 9.95 EUR, Opole Opole City 9.95 EUR, Ostrowiec Świętokrzy Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski City 9.95 EUR, Ostrołęka Ostrołęka City 9.95 EUR, Ostróda Ostróda City 9.95 EUR, Ostrów Wielkopolski Ostrów Wielkopolski City 9.95 EUR, Otwock Otwock City 9.95 EUR, Oświęcim Oświęcim City 9.95 EUR, Pabianice Pabianice City 9.95 EUR, Piaseczno Piaseczno City 9.95 EUR, Piekary Śląskie Piekary Śląskie City 9.95 EUR, Piotrków Trybunalski Piotrków Trybunalski City 9.95 EUR, Piła Piła City 9.95 EUR, Police Police City 9.95 EUR, Poznan Poznan City 9.95 EUR, Praga Południe Praga Południe City 9.95 EUR, Praga Północ Praga Północ City 9.95 EUR, Pruszków Pruszków City 9.95 EUR, Przemysi Przemysi City 9.95 EUR, Puławy Puławy City 9.95 EUR, Płock Płock City 9.95 EUR, Racibórz Racibórz City 9.95 EUR, Radom Radom City 9.95 EUR, Radomsko Radomsko City 9.95 EUR, Ruda Śląska Ruda Śląska City 9.95 EUR, Rumia Rumia City 9.95 EUR, Rybnik Rybnik City 9.95 EUR, Rzeszow Rzeszow City 9.95 EUR, Sandomierz Sandomierz Town 9.95 EUR, Sanok Sanok City 9.95 EUR, Siedlce Siedlce City 9.95 EUR, Siemianowice Śląskie Siemianowice Śląskie City 9.95 EUR, Sieradz Sieradz City 9.95 EUR, Skarżysko-Kamienna Skarżysko-Kamienna City 9.95 EUR, Skierniewice Skierniewice City 9.95 EUR, Sochaczew Sochaczew City 9.95 EUR, Sopot Sopot City 9.95 EUR, Sosnowiec Sosnowiec City 9.95 EUR, Stalowa Wola Stalowa Wola City 9.95 EUR, Starachowice Starachowice City 9.95 EUR, Stargard Stargard City 9.95 EUR, Starogard Gdanski Starogard Gdanski 9.95 EUR, Stupsk Stupsk Village 9.95 EUR, Suwałki Suwałki City 9.95 EUR, Swarozyn 10.95 EUR, Szczecin Szczecin City 9.95 EUR, Szczecinek Szczecinek City 9.95 EUR, Słupsk Słupsk City 9.95 EUR, Targówek Targówek City 9.95 EUR, Tarnobrzeg Tarnobrzeg City 9.95 EUR, Tarnowskie Góry Tarnowskie Góry City 9.95 EUR, Tarnów Tarnów City 9.95 EUR, Tczew Tczew City 9.95 EUR, Tomaszow Mazowiecki Tomaszow Mazowiecki City 9.95 EUR, Torun Torun City 9.95 EUR, Tychy Tychy City 9.95 EUR, Ursus Ursus City 9.95 EUR, Ursynów Ursynów City 9.95 EUR, Walbrzych Walbrzych City 9.95 EUR, Warsaw Warsaw City 9.95 EUR, Wawer Wawer City 9.95 EUR, Wejherowo Wejherowo City 9.95 EUR, Wloclawek Wloclawek Town 9.95 EUR, Wodzisław Śląski Wodzisław Śląski City 9.95 EUR, Wola Wola City 9.95 EUR, Wołomin Wołomin City 9.95 EUR, Wroclaw Wroclaw City 9.95 EUR, Włochy Włochy City 9.95 EUR, Zabrze Zabrze City 9.95 EUR, Zamość Zamość City 9.95 EUR, Zawiercie Zawiercie City 9.95 EUR, Zduńska Wola Zduńska Wola City 9.95 EUR, Zgierz Zgierz City 9.95 EUR, Zgorzelec Zgorzelec City 9.95 EUR, Zielona Gora Zielona Gora City 9.95 EUR, Łomża Łomża City 9.95 EUR, Śródmieście Śródmieście City 9.95 EUR, Świdnica Świdnica City 9.95 EUR, Świdnik Świdnik City 9.95 EUR, Świnoujście Świnoujście City 9.95 EUR, Świętochłowice Świętochłowice City 9.95 EUR, Żary Żary City 9.95 EUR, Żoliborz Żoliborz City 9.95 EUR, Żory Żory City 9.95 EUR, Żyrardów Żyrardów City 9.95 EUR, Żywiec Żywiec City 9.95 EUR POLAND - ALL OTHER CITIES 9.95 EUR.

A vase is not included in the price unless specified in the product description. The vase may be different from the one shown in the example image.

Use my account to access your account and contact customer service. Alternatively, call our customer service department.

Incomplete recipient details. It is essential that you provide us with full and accurate details for the recipient. A local phone number of recipient is required to help us ensure that the flowers/gifts arrive on time. We cannot be held responsible for late delivery if this information is not provided or is incorrect.

Our local florists are also experts in home delivery. We know that sometimes the recipient is not at home, and this is why it is essential that you provide the phone number of the recipient so a convenient time can be arranged. We will contact you if we need further assistance

If there any changes to your order such as delivery date, delivery location, card message, etc., please email any changes to referencing your order number and the changes you wish to make.

It is best to keep them in a well-lit room away from direct sunlight. Make sure you change the water every two days and use flower food to help them to stay fresh longer.

Please note regarding consumable products, ingredients vary and are subject to change depending on the supplier. Internet Florist cannot be held responsible for any allergy or food intolerance etc. arising from the consumption of same.

The images on our website are system images and for reference only and the delivered flowers may look different. Whilst every effort is made to match as closely as possible, sometimes colour shades can be different to the website image. Depending on availability on the day if an exact colour is not available, we reserve the right to replace with an alternative colour and if a particular flower is not available, a suitable alternative will be made to the same value or greater, to try and match as closely as possible the original request. Certain flower and plant products may be delivered in bud to ensure longer life. Packaging, boxes or vases etc may change depending on availability on the day.

If Teddy Bear, Vase or Balloons etc are also ordered , they will be delivered with the flowers. We reserve the right to supply the item with a change of colour/wording from image, depending on availability on the day. This does not apply to wines, which will always be as ordered, red , white, champagne etc. only the brand name may change if necessary. With regards to consumables, an unavailable item will be replaced by a similar alternative. In most cases Extra Gifts/Cakes/Chocolates have to be accompanied by Flowers. A message will advise No Product Selected if this is the case and you will need to add Flowers to your order.

Money Back Guarantee

We can issue full refunds for unused Gift to the original purchaser for the voucher value


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